In this time of great challenges, questions arise and we find ourselves wondering why someone is capable to end his/her physical life. A mind-heart-spiritual education will help us to acquire more understanding in regards these important questions.

In an effort to promote the education of the mind and heart, the Spiritist Societies of Maryland are working together to promote the Spiritist philosophy in the state of Maryland, as well in the virtual world. Spiritism is a moral science that provides enlightenment on the origin and destiny of humans as well as the nature of the spirit world and its interaction with the physical world.

Spiritism respects all religions and faiths; values all efforts towards the practice of goodness; works towards peace and fellowship between all nations and all peoples, regardless of race, color, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, cultural or social standing. Because of its universal character, it can be studied, analyzed, and practiced by anyone, anywhere. Spiritism’s strong educational appeal invites us to study and submit its teachings to the test of reason before accepting anything.

Spiritism, a new era for humanity!
Where Science – Religion – Philosophy meet logic & reason

What is Spiritism? Is it a Philosophy, a Science, or a Religion?!
– It is none of them and all of them. Spiritism is a new paradigm for Humanity; so different from everything which has existed or exists, that we can affirm it without proselytism.